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Rat Control and Prevention
The rat population is increasing in some areas due to the warmer than average winter we've been experiencing. Please follow the link below for information about rat control and prevention.
> Rat Control and Prevention Brochure

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
The City of Duncan has installed two new Level 2 (240V) electric vehicle charging stations at the following locations: Coronation Mall off the Trans-Canada Hwy and the Train Station parking lot off Canada Avenue. The stations, which include two ports each, are available to the public free of charge. For more information, please click > here.

Air Quality Information
> Bylaw No. 3089, 2013 Wood Burning Appliances and Air Quality Bylaw.

Wood burning, and in particular burning from non-compliant wood appliances, or during times when an air quality advisory is in effect, generates smoke, which contains fine particulates. These particulates can remain in the air for days and have the potential to penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled and can affect lung function and worsen medical conditions such as asthma and heart disease. People with breathing and heart problems, children and the elderly may be particularly sensitive. This bylaw regulates what types of fuels can be burned and ensures that after January 1, 2014 non-compliant wood burning appliances are removed or replaced upon the sale or transfer of any real property.

Air Quality Advisories
These are issued by the Ministry of Environment when pollutant concentrations approach or exceed predetermined limits, or when degraded-air-quality episodes are expected to continue or worsen. Air Quality Advisories end when pollutant concentrations fall, or are expected to fall, to more normal levels. To find out what today's air quality reading is please follow this link. Air Quality Reading.

To be advised of air quality advisory email notifications, please sign up here. Air Quality Advisory Notifications.

Backyard Chickens
Please see the following separate page for the Backyard Chicken Licencing.

Environmental Rebates
> Toilet Rebate Program
> 2015 Woodstove Exchange Program

Climate Action Revenue Incentive Reporting
> Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Public Reporting - Carbon Neutral Progress Survey 2014
> Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Public Report for 2014
> Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Public Report for 2013
> Climate Action Revenue Incentive (CARIP) Public Report for 2012
> Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program Report 2011

Sustainability At Home
BC Sustainability at Home Toolkit - Decision-making help for your everyday choices

City of Duncan's Urban Forest Strategy
Our Trees Our Community: Urban Forestry for Home Owners
FINAL - Urban Forest Strategy

An Urban Forest is more than just trees and forest cover. It is a system which includes water, soil, vegetation, wildlife and natural processes that are all integral to ecological health. The Urban Forest Strategy provides direction to manage these important values and ensure that they are sustained over the long-term. By protecting, maintaining and enhancing the urban forest, we are ensuring that citizens of Duncan will continue to enjoy the many social, health, and economic benefits that are provided by a healthy environment.

Climate Protection
Responding to Climate Change - Policy Statements
Duncan now a Solar Community


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